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Post  vinland on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:48 am

This is a free to play browser based MMO that is similar to games such as shartak and urbandead, but is based in a fantasy realm. You play a character that starts off a peasant, in world filled with npc creatures to fight, and you choose a class, and make your character a living. There is no ap system but instead a bp system, which limits how many attacks you can do rather than movement, allowing you to search and move as freely as you like. There are item building and weapon upgrades, and many unique bosses to fight. And for those that like pvp there is plenty of that as well, as its not completely a pve game, and you may kill whomever you want if you so feel the need to do so. The guild system is very well done as well allowing usurping if a leader is inactive and scrolls that give your guild abilities as long as you hold them( but beware, other guilds also want these scrolls, having them is a double edged sword)
Anyways, give them a try. Ive been playing the game for 4 years and find it very fun.

ALSO- READ THIS NEWBIE GUIDE as the game has a steep learning curve, so if you want to play, its best you go in informed


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