Thinking about a roleplay.

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Thinking about a roleplay.

Post  Drey Wilkins on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:51 am

Well, I have recently started frequenting Ace Attorney On-line, because I love to write, and a friend of mine uses the site.
He told me that there is a great Roleplay on that site, called Endless time, which he uses. since then, i have become a member.
This has given me an idea.
Because at the moment, not much is happening in the Non-game chatter of 10MFH, I thought we might be able to try make a Roleplay on here.

All in favour say Aye, and if we get enough people, I will start the Roleplay in a new topic.

(Also, I have not fully decided on the setting. I was thinking either Medieval, (With Magic?) or science fiction.)

Any takers?

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