The adventure's of Agent V&T

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The adventure's of Agent V&T

Post  AdamV1029 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:19 am

This is a introduction to the two characters, from a in-universe prospective as the person reading their personell files

Agent T, Personell file classification level 2.
Weight:[Classified file level 3 by Agent T.]

Qualifications:psychology, Gymnastics champion, black belt martial artist, Pistol marksmanship grade I
Time with foundation:1 year

Artifact possessions:None.

Background:Recruited in 2010 by Agent V after encountering her on a mission in which only foundation personell and [Data expunged] Survived
Real name: [Data expunged]
Prior career: Police officer of [Data expunged] Colorado, 06-10, US Air force pilot 02-06

Agent V, Personell file classification level 2
Weight:168 pounds.

Qualifications:Street smart, Rifle marksmanship grade IV, Pistol marksmanship grade III, Black belt martial artist, Skeptic.

Artifact possessions: Curosity K-1920. Retrieved in a mission from the desk of the president of [DATA EXPUNGED.] on [DATA EXPUNGED] 2008, A small snowglobe that when shaken, Portrays a nuclear explosion over a American city(Identified as New york) and the aftermath until shaken again, Small human survivor bands have been observed inside the globe, Turning it upside down resets it to pre blast state, Engraved in Russian with the word "Fire"
Artifact 195. A makeup mirror that trims all facial hair to the skin and changes the holder's hairstyle, length and color to the holder's wish at the time. Retrieved in a mission from the desk of the president of [DATA EXPUNGED] on [DATA EXPUNGED] 2008, Engraved in Russian with the word "Self"

Background:Drawn from the US armed services in a standard recruitment run.
Real name: [Data lost/corrupted.]
Prior career: [Data lost/Corrupted]

Note:If you guys like these two characters I'll start writing their adventures(in this thread)
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