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Post  Taloula Belle on Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:59 pm

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Originally posted by Lois Millard in another section of the forums:

How to survive in the streets: (courtesy of one of our group founders, Wugmanmax)

*Make sure you take note of any buildings that are barricaded at very strongly or quite strongly. You will want to hang around these buildings so you can find a place to stay for the night and aren't caught in the streets when it gets dark.

*Carry a crowbar around with you at all times. If a moderately barricaded building cannot be found within three or four tries you will need to use the crowbar to break the barriers down to a reasonable level. This isn't made clear in the resources, but a crowbar actually has a higher percentage to hit barricades than the 20% shown.

*You are never locked inside a building, even if it is heavily barricaded and you don't have free running. To exit an over-barricaded building, simply step sideways out of the building onto the street or another building.

*Add your faction members and friends to your contacts list. Once you have revive skills you will be able to pick your friends out of a crowd of zombies or even a pile of bodies. This way you can target them with a syringe to get them back up and running.

*Never stay overnight in a necrotech building, a mall, police station, armoury, fire station, or hospital. These are considered high priority targets by zombies. Grab what you need from these places and leave. Try to stay overnight in a building with less than 10 people as that will be a less-than-likely target for zombies.

*Work with others to kill zombies. Let lower level characters take the kill in order to level each other up quicker. Never attack a zombie and leave them alive to hunt you down because they will thanks to the scent trail skill. If you do attack a zombie but aren't able to kill it, give yourself enough AP to get at least 10 blocks away as scent trail only works in a 10 block radius. Note: Do not waste AP killing (or hitting) zombies outside! They can just stand right back up again with full HP!

*If you decide to go the player-killer route you will be hunted down by bounty hunters and ruthlessly taken out. These are typically people that have maxed out their levels and have nothing better to do with their time these days than to eliminate problematic players. Consider carefully before going down this path. (please note that some groups - including 10 minutes from hell - do not extend membership to PKers)

*A fireaxe is your friend! It never runs out of ammo and seems to do the greatest damage to zeds of any of the handheld weapons.

*Freerunning is GREAT! This allows you to travel through buildings without having to go outside... and you can get inside buildings that are barricaded higher than Very Strong (VSB)!

BEGINNER MUST HAVE SKILLS: (courtesy of former leader, PastorJeff)
1) Free Running; Surviving is of utmost importance. Being able to stay in the shelter of caded buildings ensures you are able to fight another day. "You're no good dead", an experienced gamer instructed me.
2) Construction; When your fighting skills are yet to be honed there is nothing in the game as useful as being able to keep the zombies away from you. You will almost always win an AP fight with a zed trying to tear down a cade verses you building one. This saves not only you but every one in the building with you. (Note: If you are in a siege situation - only cade to VSB++ and maintain this level. The odds against you being able to add to the cades decrease substantially above this level and will waste your AP. Once the attack has stopped is the time to increase the cades back up to their usual level.)

SKILLS TO OBTAIN NEXT: (in Lois's opinion Other folks may have different views)
1) Diagnosis; Lets you see which players need healing! You get 5 XP for each FAK you dish out so this is an excellent way to level up. (and eliminates having to ask people to tell you if they need healing)
2) Necrotech Employment; With this skill, you can scan zombies with a DNA extractor (which can be found in Necrotech buildings) Each successful scan gives you 4XP - another good way to level up.
3) Hand-to-hand combat; I believe every survivor should carry an axe. They never need ammo so they are always ready to use! To increase your accuracy with your axe (or knife), obtain this skill.

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