A new series.

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A new series.

Post  AdamV1029 on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:22 am

Unlike some of my previously planned stories, This will be a series of short stories which may evolve into short chapter stories, aswell.

This series is set in the present day, Except some things, are vastly different..

The year is 2011, It's early in the year, With the recent resurgence of the long forgotten and thought non existant magic, The reawakening of ancient creatures mythicalized by human cultures, And the gigantic spring into a post-democratic National empire state that the United states has taken, The world is chaotic, The UN has effectively fallen apart.

----Somewhere above the Arizona desert, Early in the morning of march first----

A F-22 Raptor suddenly blasts by above a hiking camp at top speed, making a high G turn around a bend in the canyon, A large golden dragon darts by, trying in vain to keep up with the raptor it is attempting to prey on.

Another F-22 blasts by after the dragon.

The lead pilot says "Come on Jace, Get this bastard, I'm running out of canyon up here and he's going to go looking for something else soon!"
the pilot of the trailing Raptor says "Keep your panties on, Pull a cobra and let's bag this flying wallet."

The lead raptor suddenly banks up heavily, the dragon darts by under it, maintaining altitude with thrust, the second raptor darts past, and fires a missile, the dragon brakes and turns, the missile impact's it square in the chest and detonates, sending it slamming to the canyon floor below, the two raptors then blast by and up out of the canyon at high speed, 'Jace' can be heard saying "Hey, Do dragon's count towards ace status, Rapier?" Rapier responds "Only if the mudslugs confirm the kill. I'll send the co-ordinates, Let's get back to Hammond".
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