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Post  hiei229 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:41 pm

This is a awesome game. It has similar gameplay to urbandead but has no ap. And the plotline is obviously different.It is in a fantasy type world.Instead of ap it had bp which just limits your attacks but allows you to search and move freely any time you like. Here is the games description.

Welcome to the realm of DragonSpires.

Nefarious creatures and brutish beasts populate the landscape, looking to challenge any who may cross their path. Of course, the greatest peril may lie in the plotting and planning of those you choose to keep company with...

From origins unknown come several powerful Scrolls, capable of bestowing unique abilities upon whomever posesses them. As battle for these artifacts ensues, a question remains. Is this a gift from the deities of light, or a curse from those of darkness?

Who will you become? Legendary Warrior? Beloved Healer? Powerful War Mage? Perhaps the most infamous Thief of all time? Come join the growing citizenship of DragonSpires and uncover your destiny!

Important! Read the newbie guide: link below


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